Danish healthcare business delegation in Indonesia

In mid-October 2016 a Danish healthcare business delegation visited Indonesia with the aim of building stronger relations between Danish companies and the Indonesian healthcare sector.


The first ever delegation to Indonesia within this sector was organised by the Danish Embassy in Jakarta in collaboration with the Danish Health Tech Group (a part of Danish Export Association).

“I am proud to welcome the 1st ever Danish Healthcare Delegation to Indonesia. The purpose of the visit is to facilitate innovative partnerships between Indonesian and Danish private and public stakeholders to address Indonesian healthcare priorities and challenges. We believe that innovative Danish solutions, technologies and products combined with Government-to-Government cooperation can support Indonesia’s introduction of universal and affordable healthcare,” said Dorthea Damkjaer, Head of Trade at the Danish Embassy Jakarta.

The delegation on 17 – 19 October featured Danish medical devices companies, including Ambu, BK Ultrasound, Dako, Guldmann, Linak, and SP Medical, that got to meet a number of key players in the Indonesian healthcare sector, including public and private hospitals and the Ministry of Health.

This gave the Danes an overview of the Indonesian challenges. The Danish companies bring with them many years of experience in the global market and solutions that could help accelerate the positive development in Indonesia’s health sector.

“Indonesia’s ambitious targets for its healthcare system can be supported with the capabilities of a range of Danish suppliers, who are known for their high-quality but affordable products and their ability to create flexible and custom-made solutions. The participating companies all have years of experience from Denmark, which has one of the world’s most effective healthcare systems, and from supplying solutions to the international markets. Creating the right partnerships in Indonesia can be a step towards introducing these efficient solutions to the country,” said Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group.

Previously, in April 2016, a delegation of Indonesian health officials and academia, led by the Secretary General of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, visited Denmark to experience Danish competences in the healthcare sector, including patient-centred technologies and solutions that also contribute to increase efficiency of hospitals as well as the working environment for healthcare professionals in most categories. In light of the visit, a MoU between Denmark and Indonesia is being developed.

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