Swedish Bergman: “China has an AI advantage due to its political system”

Nicklas Bergman
Nicklas Bergman. Photo: Nicklas Bergman.com

Swedish tech entrepreneur, Nicklas Bergman, said on the Citywire Copenhagen Global News Ideas 2023 event, that China’s advances in tech and AI shouldn’t be underestimated.

Besides discussing the importance of at least welcoming AI into our world, Bergman highlighted the fact that China has a technological benefit due to its political system, since China can make long-term plans for AI without having to worry about holding an election every four years.

“I almost envy the fact that they can make these long-term plans, unlike somewhere like Sweden where it is a challenge to get politicians to think beyond the week after the next election,” he stated at the conference.

He then went to emphasize how politicians tend to have a ‘four-year view’ ahead, because of the election cycle – whereas scientists have their own agenda since they are applying for funding. And that’s perhaps where China has an advantage of developing and investing in technology, as the nation only works with the single party Chinese Communist Party.

Source: Citywire

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