Swedish brothers built heated Thai Beach Bar as traveling is still restricted

Chang is important, ”says Joel, who enjoys a Thai beer. Private Photo

The Anderson brothers Hugo, 30, and Joel, 32, who live in Väring, Skövde, usually spend a few months a year in Thailand and have visited South East Asia on several occasions. As the pandemic continued to restrict all travel and the borders to Thailand remained closed, the brothers decided to turn their storage shed into their very own heated Thai Beach Bar.

In an interview with Skövde Nyheter Joel Anderson explains,

“We built a sauna at my house. And then we realized that we would rather sit on a sandy beach in 40 degrees and drink beer than in a 80 degrees hot sauna.”

The Beach Bar took three days to decorate and is furnished with chairs, folding tables and decorated with fairy lights. The Thai Bar even has a sun which is a heat lamp and a disco ball.

According to the brothers, there is still a very important detail missing that travelers would expect to see in any Thai business and that is a picture of the Thai King.

The brothers say that the Thai Beach Bar will have to make do until they are able to visit the country again. They are very comfortable there however, so for now they would rather stay home and enjoy the Thailand they build for themselves in Sweden. Hugo Anderson says sunbathing is possible if you just move the table and the plan is to install a sound system which will play the sounds of waves. In the basement of the shed, the brothers have also built a pool and say that it is perfect with a cold dip in the pool after a day on the beach.

Hugo says, “Our parents think it’s a little strange but our friends think it’s fun. They get it.”

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