Swedish company Atlas-Copco signs paternity leave pledge in Thailand

Swedish companies in Thailand offering paternity leave

The Facebook page of the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok announced that “The Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden and the Thai-Sweden Chamber of Commerce are proud and honoured to present the Pioneering Business Group Initiative in Thailand. A Swedish group of 12 companies that is committed to offering male employees a 1-month childcare leave option.

This is an important step towards achieving a more ‘gender equal’ workplace, and 12 Swedish affiliated companies have all agreed to offer 1 month of paid leave to father employees. It is a milestone in the business world to be able to offer Gender Equality in the Workplace.

Atlas Copco Thailand is one of those 12 companies and here’s why they decided to sign this pledge.

“At Atlas Copco, we believe in supporting our employees who are parents and helping them meet the joys and challenges of co-parenting. This highlights Atlas Copco’s ambition and reputation as a chosen employer. Foster-career retirement. Help expand the scope of the goals to achieve diversity and nondiscrimination set by Atlas Copco Group for 2030.”
– Sanjay Safaya, Managing Director, Atlas Copco Thailand

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

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