Swedish digital school expands to Indonesia

Hyper Island, a Swedish digital creative business school, is expanding in Asia. From Singapore – it’s first location in Asia – Hyper Island earlier this year, 2023, launched their programs in the Philippines. Now they are taking two steps further – to India and Indonesia within the rest of the year.

A Swedish way of thinking?

The school is based on a ‘learning by doing’ principle and critical thinking. The idea sprung after the Swedish government discovered two decades ago that their education system wasn’t efficient, and they wanted to change into something which also embraces technological developments, according to Peachy Pacquing, managing director of Hyper Island.

She added that the school wants to bring together insights “from the world of behavioral science, adult development and creativity to design experiences, products and tools that will equip you to tackle the challenges of the future.”

The institute is already operating in both the United Kingdom, Brazil, North America, Singapore – and the Philippines, where the creative business school offers ‘a digital management accelerator program, a master of arts in digital management, and business solutions.’

At the launch even in the Philippines. Photo: Abodo Magazine

Our vision is to provide Asia with transformative education that meets the demands of the digital world of today and tomorrow.” That’s what it says when taking a look at the Singaporean Hyper Island institute on their website.

But now, two new bridges connecting technology and human development are being build as the program will expand its services to both Indonesia and India later this year.

Source: Business World



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