Swedish embassy participates in launch of EUNIC-Bibliobus

EUNIC Thailand and EU joined forces with the BMA and launched the “EUNIC-Bibliobus” in Bangkok on September 11. The mobile library contributed to Bangkok World Book Capital 2013 was officially ready to go “on tour“, bringing over 200 titles of translated European children books to Thai children while spreading the motto “Reading is fun!”.

Mini samples of activities that take place along with the bus line from time to time are storytelling and quizzes about European children’s books were also introduced on the launch day.


The Swedish Embassy in Thailand attended the ceremony and has been involved in the preparation and support of the Bibliobus and has picked out several books to be available in the bus, all written by Astrid Lindgren. This will introduce the young students to Sweden and to some of Sweden´s most famous literature for children.


For more information, click here.

Source: Embassy of  Sweden in Bangkok


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