Swedish envoy on typhoon relief mission

On November 20, Ambassador Klas Molin together with parts of the Swedish support team went to Ormoc and Tacloban with a Swedish Hercules Plane.

swedambmolinThree Norwegian aid workers accompanied him Ormoc and a Swiss doctor and the Norwegian Ambassador accompanied the group to Tacloban. In Tacloban, two members of the support team visited the mayor’s office and local authorities to gather information about the situation. Two members of the Swedish support team (a doctor and a police officer) will remain in Tacloban overnight.

According to the report from the trip Tacloban was devastated even though a rough cleanup had already started. The security had been stabilized. The Situation in Ormoc was significantly better.

The Hercules plane flew out rice and other supplies to Ormoc and an ambulance and other supplies to Tacloban. From both destinations, the plane evacuated Filipino civilians to Cebu: 110 persons from Ormoc and about 60 persons from Tacloban.

Photo by: Ambassador Klas Molin

Source: Swedish Embassy in Bangkok

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