Swedish family living in Thailand suspected for massive fraud

A Swedish family living in Thailand is suspected to have defrauded the Swedish State for 800.000 SEK.

The family left Malmö for Thailand in 2013, but the financial support from the Swedish State continued to go into their account as they kept their address in Malmö.

This went on until the Swedish Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan, detected the problem in 2015. At that point the family had received child benefits, additional child benefits, sickness benefits and parental benefits from Sweden.

The parents in the family, whose address is still registered in Malmö, are both under suspicion to have defrauded Sweden for 448.424 SEK and 347.728 SEK each.

Cases of people leaving Sweden for other latitudes with a convenient financial support from the state are very commonly found when Försäkringskassan are on the lookout for fraud.

– When one has left the country for good, the right to get support from the Swedish social security is lost as well, Peter Fausö Head of Unit at Försäkringskassan told Sydsvenskan.

The Swedish rules for financial benefits are not that one-sided though. It’s possible to still receive sickness benefits to some extend.

In order to get child benefits and additional child benefits one have to stay in Sweden for more than six months in a year. One is not suited for parental benefits after having left Sweden.

(Source: Sydsvenskan)

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  1. I might know the family but they are far from only ones that act like this.Many families living in Thailand with kids get all benefits from Sweden even if they do not stay 6 months annually in Sweden but only come for short summer holidays.Then not talking about where they pay taxes if at all!Finally this is not only about families with kids!

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