Swedish firm not allowed to export unmanned mini-helicopter to China

Photo: Cybaero

The Swedish Bureau of Non-proliferation and Export Control (ISP) has decided that the Linköping firm Cybaero, is not allowed to sell its drone helicopters to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

According to the Swedish national broadcaster SVT, Cybaero had a contract to produce 70 unmanned helicopters to AVIC before ISP decided not to allow the export.

Cybaero has not given up though. According to SVT the company will request another approval for exporting 20 drones. Cybaero claims that the helicopter mainly is suitable for civilian purposes, like inspecting power lines.

The Swedish authorities might have tightened the export control after it was revealed that an entity of the Swedish Defense was trying to sell military software to China: Swedish Defense Research Agency secretly cooperated with China

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