Swedish judge explains judicial process of jailed Malaysian couple

The period of remand in Sweden has no limit and in some cases, it may take one to two months.swedish_judge

This was revealed by Solna District Court chief judge, Mari Heidenborg to the Malaysian media when asked on the legal procedure in this Scandinavian country.

Heidenborg was also asked about the case involving Malaysian couple, Shalwati Norshal, a teacher on unpaid leave, and her husband, Tourism Malaysia official in Sweden, Azizul Raheem Awalludin, who have been detained since Dec 18 for allegedly hitting the hand of one of their children for not performing his prayers.

“The case has been heard before and will be heard again (on Thursday), to decide whether the remand period will be extended or the couple be released.

“The couple should be freed from remand if the prosecutors find no reason to remand them or the couple will be charged,” she said.

Heidenborg said the possibility of the couple further committing the offence or interfering with the investigation was one of the reasons for them to be remanded.

Asked whether such cases had happened before, she said there were and mostly involved foreigners.

Source: Bernama

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