Swedish tourist in Malaysia killed by jellyfish

A Swedish tourist has lost his life after being stung by a poisonous jellyfish in Tanjung Rhu beach, Malaysia.

What lurks beneath the waters of popular beaches can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately a Swedish tourist experienced that first hand after he was stung to death by a jellyfish in Langkawi, Malaysia.

No specification upon the particular species of jellyfish has been released and normally the waters of Malaysia are pretty safe for the beach goers, but of last year more and more stories about the discovering of two poisonous species were surfacing in the media; the Chiropsoides buitendijk and the morbakka specimen.

The Swede, who was in his 60s, was swimming near the beach in the northern part of the island when he is believed to have been stung at 3.15pm.

Police personnel at the Ayer Hangat police station, who received a report on the incident, rushed to the scene to conduct an initial investigation.

“The body was later sent to the Langkawi Hospital for a post-mortem,” said Langkawi police chief Superintendent Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim to New Straits Times.


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