Hong Kong, Singapore among most expensive expat countries

Hong Kong and Singapore ranks as the most expensive countries for expats. Scandinavia ranking low.

CBD Skyline Singapore

It has always been the common narrative that Scandinavia is the most expensive place for foreigners to live. High costs of day-to-day living and even higher costs on the housing market has long placed especially Denmark and Norway on the very top.

But in the recent years the cold countries has been overtaken by the warm city states. In a recent survey by the consulting company Mercer, Hong Kong and Singapore is placed on the very top of the ladder, Hong Kong being the most expensive city, Singapore being the fourth.

Copenhagen resides as the most expensive Scandinavian country to be an expat in, ranking as the 14th most expensive city.

The survey takes several aspects of the daily life into consideration and comes out with a worldwide ranking of the cities although not necessarily the most obvious ones. The survey gathers prices of such as a cinema ticket, a hamburger, a cup of coffee, or a liter of gasoline, but also factors such as accommodation and education costs and estimated allowance.


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