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Danish embassy Bangkok is looking for visa officers

The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok has announced an opening for visa officer position opening. The deadline for application is until 15th February 2020. The official statement said: The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok is looking for one fulltime Visa Officers (Schengen citizens only) to join the embassy’s visa team. This is a possibility to…

China noticed less Scandinavian working hours leads to higher productivity

Policymakers in Beijing have advised China’s massive workforce that in the interest of a boost to productivity and the economy, they should take a break. According to Humanresource online, in December 2019, the country’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released a fresh policy paper aimed at boosting spending in China during the holidays. The…

Scand-Media celebrates traditional Songkran

​Scand-Media group staff celebrated on Friday 10 April the Thai Songkran tradition. Founder and CEO Gregers Moller gave the company Buddha statue its yearly wash down with scented water. Then one by one the staff poured water over his hands wishing him well in the new year. In return, the CEO said a few personal words to each member of the staff and put gently a bit of powder on both their cheeks.