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Finland signed 4mil Euro to support women in conflicted areas in Myanmar

On 25 August, H.E. Riikka Laatu, Finland Ambassador to Myanmar and Mr. Ramanathan Balakrishnan, UNFPA Representative for Myanmar signed the agreement for a grant of 4 million Euro to provide supports for women, girls, young people in conflict-affected areas of Myanmar, including people with special needs e.g. elderly women, women and girls with disability, LGBTQIA+…

Finland signed Myanmar agreement to support inclusion of girls and women

The Finnish ambassador to Myanmar H.E. Riikka Laatu has signed an agreement with the UN Women on a project supporting women’s and girls’ social inclusion in Myanmar. The agreement that will channel EUR 4 million from Finland’s development cooperation to the project over 4 years. For more information please read here.

Finland signed agreement with UNESCO to strengthen teachers and students in Myanmar

The Finnish Ambassador H.E. Riikka Laatu signed an agreement of 5 Million Euros with UNESCO to continue their support in Strengthening Pre-Service Teacher Education in Myanmar on 21 May 2020. This agreement is to achieve Finland’s aim to invest in strengthening teachers and other need for learners in Myanmar.