TAKE A BREAK…..with Ambre Jolie & Anna Frummerin from Ana-A New Approach

On Saturday 24th of August 2019, some Bangkok ladies decided to take a break from the daily routine and visit AMBRE JOLIE’s showroom on Sukhumvit Soi 26. The new collection waited to be presented and the coffee stood ready and smelled fabulous, not to forget the delicious cakes, maybe not the best thing to eat before you put on a beautiful Ambre Jolie dress, but sometimes it’s allowed…

Ambre Jolie & ANA-A New Approach

The ladies were of several nationalities. Not only the new collection was ready to try on, also the Swedish coach, Anna Frummerin, from “ANA-A NEW APPROACH” was present and eager to guide the ladies, telling them “How to look and feel amazing inside and out.”

What does it help if you buy a new, stunning outfit if you don’t feel amazing in your own skin?

Anna Frummerin is offering help and advice on how to get confident, feel secure and become successful. There are periods in your life, when you might feel a bit down, work doesn’t give you satisfaction, there might be issues within the family or problem in your relationship or whatever….

It can be gold worth, meeting a coach with experiences and understanding, someone who can cheer you up and give you a helping hand.

Anna offers Action Learning-Team coaching among much, much more. She speaks Swedish (mother tongue) and she is, of course, fluently in English.

Anna has been educated by Mrs. Cherie Carter Scott MCC, known as the “Mother of Coaching”. Mrs. Cherie is a pioneer in the field of Human Development and Motivation since 1974 and  also Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a feature documentary to be released in 2016.

https://www.instagram.com/coachannafrummerin/ or follow her and Ambre Jolie on Facebook.

Follow Ambre Jolie & Anna Frummerin and find out about yourself and your needs, just because you’re worth it!


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