Team Finland China Day sought business from China to Finland


TEKES, the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, Employment and the Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized by Team Finland China Day,which was held this Tuesday, attracted more than 300 international business professionals and business leaders in the industry to discuss the opportunities in China and in cooperation with Finland and China.

The event opened the Director General of Tekes Pekka Soini, Finland and China reiterated technology cooperation that began in 1986, the Chinese Science and Technology Ministry of MOST’s and the then Trade and Industry, the Ministry of agreement. Currently, China has about 400 Finnish companies.

Tekes funding will support the development of business enterprises in China’s various cooperation arrangements. The most recent example is the National Technology Agency and the Ministry of Environment in China last month, concluded by a letter of intent on Beijing’s air quality issues surrounding the city.

Tekes Shanghai has recently launched a collaboration with Fudan University to support Finnish companies in entering the Chinese market. Fudan – iLab program, the first phase involving five Tekes customer companies.

Green growth in Finland’s export product

“China has a strong desire to reform the global industry to the top, not only to expand overseas. Environmental issues have raised the state, including management, WALLPAPER, and China wants to grow in the future, which requires a whole new range of technologies and practices,” says Tekes Beijing Unit Manager Kari Hiltunen .

Confederation of Finnish Industries EK’s President and CEO Jyri Häkämies emphasized China’s extraordinary potential for Finnish cleantech market.

“China’s cleantech market is an excellent opportunity for Team Finland for Finnish companies to prove themselves establishment phase catalyst. Background in the public sector on importance such as China, challenging and unfamiliar environment.”

“Companies valued by Team Finland, for example value is an indication of how China’s regulatory and business environment is expected to change. This increases business agility, and will also help to influence changes in trade policy level.”

Tekes promotes as part of Team Finland network of companies with international business opportunities for the exploitation and inward foreign investment.


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