New priest at the Church of Sweden in Bangkok – Lars Ryderstad

The new Swedish priest to replace Lovisa Moller, who has been stationed in Thailand since April 2009,  at the Church of Sweden in Bangkok is Lars Ryderstad.  He was born and grew up in Gothenburg,  a big city with a big habour on the west coast of Sweden.

Read about his installation in Bangkok here!

Lars worked as a customs officer in Gothenburg before decided to study to become a clergyman. He has been a priest since 1978.

From 2002 to 2010, Lars was a vicar at the Swedish Seamens Church in Skagen, Denmark.  Since then, he has been working as a vicar in a custody and prison in Stocklom.

”I have always been interested in meeting people and talking about our lives with the darkness and light. I enjoy discussing difficulties and possibilities that can be reflected in the light of the gospel and humanity,” Lars tells ScandAsia.

He plans to move to Bangkok around 20-21 August this year.

”I have never been to Thailand or Southeast Asia before but I am very glad to have got this opportunity – to work, live and share the conditions of being an inhabitant in Bangkok and Thailand,” says Lars.

When asked about what he aims to achieve while working in Bangkok, he says:

”I wish that in my missions I will get possibilities to share everyday life and holidays, small and big moments and thoughts with many of you. I wish to be a part of and show a bit of the church of Christ on earth,  in many times through our own lives.

I also wish that we together can discover a way ahead when it´s hard to see any solutions. Me and my wife Karin has a great deal of pleasure in having such a big family.”

”I am now looking forward to meeting and getting to know you,” Lars adds.

Lars (with green shirt) and his family
Lars (with green shirt) and his family


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