Technology transfer to Vietnam below par

Almost all technologies being transferred in Vietnam are of the same advanced level or better than existing ones in the country, but they do not compare well with those in neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, according to a survey released this week.

viettechThe 2012 survey of over 8,000 Vietnamese companies – released by the Central Institute for Economic Management, the General Statistics Office of Vietnam and foreign researchers from Denmark’s University of Copenhagen – analysed their competitiveness, technology and corporate responsibilities.

The results showed that over 80 percent of foreign-invested firms in Vietnam are adopting average-level technologies, 5-6 percent are embracing hi-tech innovations while the remainder are using outdated ones

While more resources are being focused on research and development, the survey said a minority of respondents are developing new products and a larger number of their counterparts are engaged in technology renovation.

As a result, a small number of firms are benefiting from hi-tech transfers, which has led to better output.

In regards to competitiveness, many enterprises are able to benefit from expanding the scope and scale of the domestic market.

The survey suggested policymakers continue facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) and encouraging the transfer of technology among domestic enterprises.

According to the findings, Vietnam is home to young workforce and many of them are working in agriculture. It made it clear that FDI and IT innovation policies are crucial to a stable economic growth.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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