Telesteps moves production from China to Sweden

The Swedish ladder company Telesteps will move the company’s production from China to a newly built factory in Sweden.

Telesteps says in a recent press release that from now on, the company’s ladders are not only designed and developed in Sweden but they are also manufactured there. 

The production has been set up in the deep forest of Sweden at a brand new, fully automated production facility which is the only Telescopic ladder production outside of China.

Peter Heim, the CEO of Telesteps says, “We are expected to have a full-scale serial production of our telescopic ladders with triangular aluminum profiles starting 2022. It feels unique to have the opportunity to collaborate with the fantastic Swedish business partners and companies that made the project possible, fulfilling my dream of a Swedish telescopic ladder production – says Peter Heim.

Telesteps says that the new EUR 10 M EUR investment comes with a lot of benefits not just to the end customer but also to distributors and the planet. While the company will have full control over the complete production from the smallest part to the complete ladder, the same high quality is guaranteed and the Swedish production also means shorter delivery time to its distributors.

“Having our production in Sweden gives us increased flexibility and control over the entire production process and hence also smoother deliveries and safer products to our customers,” Peter Heim says.

Moreover, Telesteps notes that with a Swedish production it is easy for the company to guarantee the working conditions for all of their staff and that the shortened transportation will save a lot of CO2 pollution.

“Our basic philosophy throughout the planning process of moving production has been to keep an environmental perspective that matches our cost awareness in everything we do. We really wanted all involved suppliers to be located close to each other and preferably within a few miles radius,” Peter Heim says.

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