Thailand based Danish journalists publish fiction novel about expat jetset in Vietnam and Laos

Thailand-based Danish journalists Flemming Thomsen and Niels Seeberg have written a fiction novel ‘Sultne spøgelser’ (Hungry ghosts) which is set to be released in December this year.  

Flemming Thomsen is a journalist and educated at the University of Copenhagen, working in Southeast Asia and Australia while Niels Seeberg is a graduate of DJH and has lived in Thailand since 2006, working as a journalist and tour guide in most of the world.

‘Sultne spøgelser’ is a story about two friends, Abel and Teiner, who have left Denmark to settle in the resort town of Hua Hin in Thailand, where expats from all over the world dance around the golden calf in their longing for the sweet life in first class.

Abel becomes a tour guide, and Teiner works as a musician when they decide to write a book together about the conditions of love between people from two very different cultures.

While working on the book, they meet the stone-rich Englishman Larry, who with his girlfriend, Pun, buys properties, plays golf, and opens an English pub. Other people are a Belgian elephant girl and her Thai boyfriend, the Danish monk Wilhelm, the hippie Jake, the transgender Jeab, and the café owner Lars.

Just as the book is taking shape, the two main characters are involuntarily drawn into a mysterious game in which greedy figures emerge from the darkness. Readers are led into deep caves, visit the hell of the drunks, and taken to the lustful lives of the expat jet set in Vietnam and Laos.  

Sultne spøgelser is published by Forlaget mellemgaard. Find more information here

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