Chinese movie promotes Finland in new romantic drama

CMC Pictures makes a movie with Chinese celebrity in Lapland, Finland. The movie ‘I Remember’ premiered in China on Christmas Eve. Photo: Marketing of the film I Remember / Helsinki Marketing

Finland has achieved a prominent role in a new Chinese romantic drama ‘I remember’ which was shot last year in Lapland and Helsinki. The story of the movie is about two colleagues, played the two young Chinese superstars Angela Yeung Wing (Angelababy) and Hongchi Lee, and their trip to Finland. Their journey in the movie takes them from Helsinki and continues to several destinations in Lapland, such as Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi and Kittilä.  

Finland’s visibility in the new romantic drama can greatly benefit the Finnish Tourism industry, as the Chinese film industry has been on the rise throughout the 21st century. China has been predicted to leave behind Hollywood in terms of both movie studios and ticket sales and experts estimate that China’s movie market may already be the largest in the world.

The movie has the potential to gain a large audience in China, especially thanks to Angela Yeung Wing who has more than eight million followers on Instagram. She has been ranked as no. 16 on China’s celebrity list 2020 by Forbes China and in addition to Asian film productions, Angela Yeung Wing has also starred in Hollywood movies such as Independence Day, Resurgence and Hitman and Agent 47.

It was reported that Finland and China started negotiations on cooperation in the film industry two years ago. Business Finland confirms in a press release that they welcomed CMC Pictures ‘I Remember’s production company as guests of the Lapland Film Commission and visited the movie locations.

Paavo Virkkunen, Director of Finland Promotion Service at Business Finland says that Finland offers nature and wilderness destinations as well as urban environments, all easily accessible thanks to the functioning infrastructure. The choice of filming in Finland was influenced by the production incentive granted by Business Finland for production in the audiovisual sector. Helsinki Marketing, the City of Helsinki and the Lapland Film Commission were all partners in the production of the movie.

Lapland gains a lot of much-needed domestic and international visibility from movie and TV production, especially from the CMC Pictures ’I Remember’. The romantic drama premiered in China, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK on 24 December and the movie will hit cinemas in Singapore on 31 December.

The romantic drama is about a business trip of two colleagues to Finland. Photo: Marketing of the film I Remember / Helsinki Marketing

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