“The Hunt” screening and exclusive networking event

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The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok hosted a very different event along with an exclusive screening of the Danish award-winning film, ‘The Hunt’ at Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok. Tickets to the event were sold as an opportunity for Danish companies to sponsor their own handful of key staff members or key customers or suppliers to offer them something unique and truly Danish.

At the same time, Facebook friends of the Danish Embassy were able to participate in a competition which gave them the chance to win two tickets worth THB 2,000 a piece, and gain access to this VIP event as well.

The event was also possible because generous sponsorship had been donated by PANDORA, Paragon Cineplex, and ECCO.

Apart from the film, the food was also very Danish. It turned out that delicacies were delivered by Dorthe and Henrik Tvilling from The Crystal Cafe.

Introducing the film, ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther mentioned the midsummer party hosted the weekend before in the garden of the embassy. A Danish midsummer party invariably includes a symbolic burning of a witch on the stake. The movie we were about to see was also about a witch hunt, but not just a symbolic one.

On that note the audience went into the extremely luxuriously decorated movie theaters which was beyond anything that this writer has ever seen.

As the plot unfolded, one human mistake after the other spiraled the situation out of control and left the audience gasping for someone to snap out of the nightmare. Then just as we thought the nightmare was over – it was not.

Above, you can see some of our photos from the event. A number of great photos are also available on the website and the facebook page of the embassy.

The five facebook winners were: Laila Ancker Jørgensen, Willie Mark Ortiz Endaya, Wichien Tantiwong-Ampai, Woraruthai Saejear, and Cherdpan Kokilanun.

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