Annual General Meeting in MASBA well attended


The MASBA Annual General Meeting 2014, which was held on 5 June, was very well attended.

The Chairman Mr. Olof Rapp, skillfully guided the audience through the procedures of the meeting.

Warm thanks for their longterm contributions to MASBA were given to Mr. Tomas Dahl and Mr. Anders Erikssons, who both were leaving the board. Simultaneously the Chairman extended his heartfelt welcome to the new members Mr. Todd Ashton and Mr. Thomas Linden.

Please visit our website /MASBA/Executive Committee, to view the complete list of the board members for 2014/15.

As a small token of appreciation to the members present, the Secretariat handed out small lapel pins with the Malaysian and Swedish flags.

In immediate conjunction to the AGM, the Embassy of Sweden was hosting celebrations in connection with the Swedish National Day. All MASBA members had been invited to this festive occasion, which attracted a wide variety of guests from the Swedish, Malaysian as well as the diplomatic communities.

During this event, a number of Swedish companies were represented. The guests enjoyed a delicious cocktail buffet and entertainment. And, of course both national anthems Negara Ku from Malaysia, and Du gamla du fria from Sweden, were solemly played.



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