“The Mother of Life Coaching” visited SWEA Bangkok

SWEA Bangkok (Swedish Women Educational Association) had its Annual Meeting at the Rembrandt Hotel on January the 17th , 2019. Usually these meetings are not too popular and seldom have enough members participating. I am happy to say; this was not the case in Bangkok. The President, Mrs. Anna Frummerin, was happy to welcome a great deal of members to the AM at the Rembrandt Hotel this year.

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott was thanked for her participation by SWEA Bangkok President Anna Frummerin. (Photo: Camilla Davidsson)

Before the actual meeting started, we had the great pleasure to meet and listen to a woman, known as “The Mother of Life Coaching”, Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. FM, a Master Certified ICF Coach (MCC), Mentor, Trainer & Executive Coach. If that wasn’t enough, she is also #1 New York Times Bestselling Author with her book, If Life Is a Game: These Are the Rules.

Chérie Carter-Scott trains and licenses coaches globally; if you resonate with her message and style, you can reach out to her to seek support in these topics: Motivation, Executive Coaching, MBTI Coaching, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Time Management Coach, Career Coach, Transition Coach, Expat (Relocation) Coach, English Language Coaching, Burnout, Life Balance, Book Writing / Publishing Coaching: It’s une grand mental degustation. Oprah-endorsed, the New York Time Best Selling author of; If Life Is a Game: These Are the Rules and Negaholics, Overcoming Negativity and Turning Your Life Around.

This amazing and fascinating woman made a memorable impact on all of us. For me, who has always been a bit skeptical, I was convinced after her 1-hour introduction, that this woman knows what she is talking about and thereby made such a heartfelt impression.

To explain to an audience about the intricacies of your life journey, your profession, and the challenges you face, in a simple, forthright way elevates the person and the discussion to a higher level of intelligence. It’s not so often that people explain things, talk about themselves clearly, using an understandable vocabulary to everyone, and with a sense of humor, as this fine woman did.

She started to tell us about herself at a young age, questioning herself, what she should focus on, and what to strive for in the future……

She had many interests: literature, music, theatre and a genuine interest in people.

As she could not make up her mind, she started asking her family and friends for advice, What did they think she should do in the future?

She laughed, when she told us about all the different answers she got; her mom suggested she become a teacher, a solid profession, so in case her husband died, she would be able to support her children, and not be dependent on a man. Another friend suggested she become a doctor, another suggested lawyer, real estate agent, and so on. In fact everyone she asked gave her a different answer. If you ask me, I believe, she could have become any one of these professions.

She wasn’t convinced about becoming a teacher, her mother’s socially correct response, which she studied and became certified, but it was missing something; this continues to be a huge challenge to today’s young people: to please their parents or find their passion/purpose.

To become a doctor? Well, maybe, maybe not. I think she would have been an excellent psychologist or a psychoanalyst, even a psychiatrist. An actress? Well, that was appealing to her and in a sense, she has actually become one. However, today I think she has become a bit of every one of these as suggested by family and friends.
When you don’t know exactly what you want or what is the right match for you, sometimes destiny rallies to your support and sends a sign.

Chérie had a good friend who called her up and asked for her help with a business issue. Being as candid as she is, she told him she didn’t know anything about business. She asked him what he wanted from her and why he chose to call her of all people.

He told her, “I need someone like you and that you don’t know anything about business is of no importance.” She thanked him, but explained that she was not at all interested.

This man was determined and refused to give up; he persisted time and again to convince her, and finally she agreed to meet for a serious business discussion.
To make a long story short, this man recognized Chérie’s gift: creating “Emotional Safety” for those in transition. He reflected, Chérie has the gift to listen, to ask the right questions, to invite their creativity by not giving them her suggestions or answers, but rather to encourage them to have the courage to follow their dreams. There are so many among us who want to make a change in our lives, who want to know why we might have fallen short of our expectations, why we haven’t achieved our goals, why we didn’t pursue our dreams, why we can’t say “No,” why we procrastinate, why we are late, why we overeat, smoke, shop till we drop, smoke, etc. The list of reasons can go on indefinitely.

Today, looking back at her life and work, Chérie can happily say that she has managed to do several things she wanted to do. She has coached and helped thousands of people (millions since she is a frequent guest of Oprah), she has written bestselling books, she has written music, been on national and international TV shows, and lastly, but not least, she will be producing her first musical in May in Bangkok!

10 years ago, Chérie and her husband bought a Thai villa on the Andaman Sea and made Koh Lanta, their second home. The couple feels happy here in Thailand and Chérie is actively working, giving lectures, training coaches in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, and coaching clients. Our SWEA President Anna Frummerin, told us about her experience learning from Dr. Chérie to becoming a Life Coach herself. She was replete with enthusiastic words about her teacher, and we could feel her energy and inspiration in everything she shared.

A dream Chérie has had over the years is to produce a musical, and this dream will become a reality. Her first production, The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life! will premier in May in Bangkok. The story is about 11 individuals searching for something that they cannot resolve on their own; they come together with the workshop leader/ Life Coach and share their stories. They learn to have boundaries, to speak up for themselves, to take risks, to reveal their challenges and heart-felt desires. The workshop leader, Randy, (performed by a beautiful Thai woman, Bussayapat Aunchittikul, who accompanied Dr. Chérie to SWEA’s event and also performed two songs from the musical), supports the participants (both women and men) who want to breakthrough their challenge blind spot. The performers represent several nationalities, ages and with different life problems, and they are very dedicated to their characters. The story was written by Dr. Chérie herself in cooperation with Lynn U. Stewart, MCC. Dr. Chérie wrote the lyrics and composed the music.

Bussayapat Aunchittikul who performs as the Life Coach Randy in the upcoming musical. (Photo: Camilla Davidsson)

It will be fun to see them perform on the stage in May. The performance dates are: May 18, 19, 29, 30, 31, and June 1st 2019. More here: http://www.theworkshopmusical.com/ In the meantime, I highly suggest that you research Dr. Chérie and her work on YouTube, and social media. On LinkedIn you can read the article “Are you willing to be Flexible? Or visit http://www.drcherie.com/

If you are not familiar with the Swedish Group SWEA, you can find out on https://bangkok.swea.org/swea-bangkok/

SWEA International is a global non-profit organization with chapters almost all over the world, and this is the 40th year anniversary: The biggest women’s group of today.

A great number of members showed up for this year’s SWEA Annual Meeting in Bangkok. (Photo: Camilla Davidsson)
Bussayapat Aunchittikul, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Anna Frummerin. (Photo: Camilla Davidsson)


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