Transgender people increase

Times are changing and today the number of young people and teens who ask support services for help with transgender topics is increasing more and more. It seems that this phenomenon is bigger than a simple fashionable tendency.

Causes and answers

So, the question is: why are transgender people increasing so much?

This topic has to be seen in its whole consistence. Actually, today mass media talk more often about transgender issues and this may lead young people and teens to accept and understand such issues. Sometimes, it may happen that these young people feel uncomfortable with their social background and they need or may want to break down. An extreme action could be the solution.

That explains why young people tend to feel transgender people rather than adult people.

Young people are victims of a lack of values and of a lack of parental presence. They spend more time alone than past generation and this cause an emptiness in their life and personal conscience they need to fulfill.

Transgender people often need to experiment something new. Actually, many people who were gay or lesbians turned out to come back to their natural sex without any “big wars”.

They simply experimented and then decided who they really are. After all, everyone comes to this world either in a female body or in a male body. Half ways are out of nature.

Hobbies and likes

Transgender people seem to show a particular love for online car games, online live streams and online movies. They seem to be more confidential with new things and spend much time online.

Cars and driving are also their favorite hobby, at least this is what we can get to read in psychological reviews. Recent studies showed they prefer to drive a car rather than a small truck.

This can be explained with the fact that cars are smaller and easier to drive and traffic jams are easier to manage. However, driving cars can be dangerous sometimes.

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