Vestas to supply Chinese gas supplier for the fifth time

The wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has booked an order from Chinese gas group Hanas New Energy.


Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas will be supplying a Chinese regional gas supplier with 50 megawatts-worth of wind turbines – the fifth consecutive order from Vestas for the same company in the past three years.

Vestas will be providing Ningxia-based Hanas New Energy with 25 units of the wind turbine manufacturer’s V90-2.0 MW turbine model. The wind turbines, which will have a combined total capacity of 50 MW, will be installed in Yanchi Wind Park in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

wind turbine

Hanas New Energy has been relying on Vestas’ wind turbines since April 2010, placing orders with a total capacity of 250 MW, all using 2 MW-wind turbines. At present, over 150 MW worth of wind turbines are in operation, with 50 MW currently under construction.

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