Viking Wheelers back and biking in Hua Hin

The Viking Wheelers invaded Hua Hin the first weekend of August this year. The trip marks a fresh return on the social scene of the previously very active Scandinavian biking club.

Two of the former key members of the group, Bent Laasholdt and Hans Henrik Melchior are in charge of the revival of Viking Wheelers. The two will jointly assume the leadership, and intend to arrange monthly rides, mostly Saturday morning rides but also with a few weekend rides.

The Viking Wheelers is not a racing team, they cycle for fun and have decided that membership will be restricted to Scandinavians and others with special relations with a Scandinavian country.

The Hua Hin invasion was the first of a coming season of biking event. The trip was joined by five vikings, Bent Laasholdt (organizer), Alan Valtas, Claus “Bjergged” Bergenfelt, Claus “Paparazzi” Gundersen and Hans Henrik Melchior.

Invasion report
The Saturday ride commenced at the north end of the Pranburi beach road by the Kron Luang Chomphorn Khet Udomsak Shrine and the team cycled about 25K south along the beach to the Dolphin Bay and back on scenic, pancake flat roads in wonderful overcast weather, only distracted by the “Paparazzi”, who could not cycle as his hand had not yet recovered sufficiently from a fractured wrist to allow him to, so he spent the time in and out of the support vehicle taking pictures of the hard working Vikings.

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Claus Bjergged decided that rather than going with the rest of the team in the cars to the shrine with the long name, he would rather cycle down to the Pranburi beach and meet up with the rest of the team there. Which he never did, claiming he got lost and SMS’ed the team a few hours later announcing that he was now back at the hotel after a 83K ride in the wilderness, without knowing where he was.

The Sunday ride went inland in the area southwest of Hua Hin. This ride was only about 24K, but with a number of challenging hills. Claus Bjergged decided to ride with the rest of the team and even offered Hans Henrik that he could ride in his slip-stream, as if this would be of any help. After the first and only pit-stop, however, he decided to take off by himself, as he wanted to take an extra loop in the hills. The rest of the team conquered the hills with amazing ease.

The atmosphere during the more social sections of the invasion lived up to the good old Viking Wheelers tradition and many important subjects were being discussed.

You can monitor all Viking Wheelers news and plans on the team’s Facebook page by the same name and you can also apply for membership there by sending a “Friends” request.

The next event will be a Saturday morning ride around the Bangphra reservoir end September/beginning November. Follow this link.


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