Volvo Philippines offer free electric charging station for T8 Hybrid car owners

Volvo’s Wallbox

Volvo cars Philippines announced of an offer of home Wallbox installation for all Volvo T8 Plug-in Hybrid cars at no cost on 17 June 2020. However the wallbox is a home own version of a charging station with additional cost.

This complimentary service was created for convenience of Volvo car owners to charge their Plug-in Hybrid Volvos especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Volvo car PH has been observing strict health and safety protocols, the local Volvo dealer agreed to deploy its Volvo Wallbox Team to all Volvo plug-in hybrid car owners who wishes to have a Volvo Wallbox installed in their homes.

The service is applicable to residential houses with ample facilities for the proper installation of the T8 power socket. It will include standard installation components such as a circuit breaker, a ground fault circuit interrupter, and cables. However, the Wallbox is not available to condominium residence just yet.

Volvo XC90 T8

The Volvo Wallbox is an essential accompaniment to a plug-in hybrid vehicle as it makes it easier and faster to recharge. Much like a phone charger, the Wallbox may be mounted indoors or outdoors near the vehicle to be charged. It comes with a securely mounted charging cable to lower risk of theft. An LED indicator light will blink as the car is charging and will switch to a constant light when the plug-in hybrid is fully charged.

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