Why Thailand is the best place to retire

Thailand is popular across the globe for its scenic beauty. It has some of the most beautiful landscapes that are pleasing to the eyes. Together with it, Thailand also has an atmosphere of calmness in its serene beaches. Plus, several other reasons make it the ideal retirement destination for seniors. Read on to find out more about it.

A peaceful, animated and unique place to retire

Also popular around the world as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand gives more than a hundred reasons to live on its soil. For most foreigners, it is a paradise with an affordable cost of living, numerous opportunities, and the best climate and culture.

Thailand has also one of the most interesting culture around the world and welcome foreigners with both hands. Locals are well known for their hospitality, awesome food and respect, which makes Thailand a safe place to live, in South-East Asia, under the sun.

Last but not least, Thailand offers “Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay)” to citizens from other countries who are over 50. While this visa may not allow people to earn but it is the best visa for seniors to live in the country.

Can I get a retirement visa in Thailand?

If you are over 50 and wish to live in Thailand after retirement, then a Thai retirement visa is the ideal choice for you.

The approval of your visa application will be subject to the fulfillment of some terms and conditions as specified by the Royal Thai Embassy.

With a Thai retirement visa, you can stay in Thailand for one year. Also, you can renew it as for as many times as you want.

From a financial standpoint, you need to either have at least a bank deposit of 800,000 Thai Baht in a bank account with one of the banks in Thailand. In addition, you may also need a police clearance and medical clearance for selective cases. Also, 90-day reporting is mandatory for Thai visa holders.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Thailand?

The cost of living in Thailand may range between 30000 Baht (850 euros) and 70000 Baht (2000 euros). A lot depends on the type of life one wants to live in the country.

Also, it depends on the city one chooses for residence in Thailand. Bangkok is more expensive than the country side and the north part of Thailand is generally more affordable than the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

While you can live in all the aforementioned budgets in Bangkok, you need more for cities such as Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. If you wish to live a comfortable life by addressing all the basic needs, then 3,000 Baht per months will be enough for you.

However, you’d be better off with a higher budget for a luxurious lifestyle.

Can foreigners buy property in Thailand?

Most foreigners who wish to live in Thailand post their retirement wonder if they are eligible to buy land in Thailand. This question is one of the most discussed among the expat community since Thailand is a land of opportunity for real estate investors, especially due to the low prices compared to the European market.

To confirm, we have asked Samui Exclusive, a real estate agency in Koh Samui, who declared that “The law of the land in Thailand does not favor the takeover of land by foreigners. They are not allowed to buy land in their name but there are indirect means by which one can invest in a residential property in Thailand. Invest in an apartment or a condo is allowed but if an investor wants to own a land, foreigners need to make sure they set up a company with the partnership of a Thai national, with a foreigner’s share of 49% in it.”.

What are the best places to live in Thailand?

Thailand has considerable diversities when it comes to choosing a city.

Here are a few great places to explore:

  • Bangkok is the capital city, with hustle and bustle, primarily due to its shopping facilities, street food vendors and vibrant nightlife.
  • Phuket is an island on the west coast of Thailand and offers some of the best beaches around the world. The cool breeze and the beauty of the adjacent islands are ideal for nature lovers.
  • Pattaya is popular for its nightlife and also has unspoiled beaches that draw the attention of visitors.
  • Koh Samui has a population that is less dense than Phuket. However, it also has a pristine beach for its visitors to sit back and relax.
  • Chiang Mai is the land adorned with natural beauty. Famous for its Lanna culture, it has a moderate climate that is ideal for tourists who visit the city.

Thailand ticks all the right boxes of one’s needs to be the perfect destination after retirement for foreign nationals. You can enhance your living experience in Thailand after your retirement by choosing the right city based on your affordability. In case you are not sure how to go about buying a piece of property or apply for a visa, you can get in touch with an expert.


6 Comments on “Why Thailand is the best place to retire”

  1. What i don’t understand is that, if you are feeling so bad about the country and everything is wrong for you there, then why on earth are you staying?

    You have your free will and can leave whenever you want.

    I’m not retired but i have been married with a lovely Thai woman, and i don’t see all those problems you see. Thailand is not the perfect country because perfection is an utopia.. You will ALWAYS find good and bad things in a place or in people. However Thailand is a beautiful country with a nice tropical climate, and people are polite, welcoming and respectful.

    Don’t go to a country and expect that it will be just like the country you came from, or that the sae rules apply.

    Regarding the issue that foreigners can’t own property is in fact not that bad, as if you see in countries where they can, you will find foreign people taking advantage of it and local people has to pay to go to their “own” beaches. So i fully understand why that rule applies.

  2. Again just another article that push the agenda of the author.
    I doubt the author is an expat, and have been through the countless obstacles an expat faces in Thailand.

    Sure the beaches are nice, but beside that Thailand do not have much to offer anymore.

  3. Karsten went far further than I did hut he is quite right. The Court system is a joke so avoid it at all costs. I have lived here for 20 years and if you are wealthy a great place to live – but be in no doubt you will need money to be secure.

  4. This article could not be more misleading.
    You conveniently forget about the health insurance issue, that is a complete joke. No sane person will, and CAN afford 2 000 euro health isnurance that covers to 400 000 THB only, excludes all previous conditions of health, and is completely uselss, as these people already HAVE an isnsurance from their home countries; the ones that immigration in their great wisdom do not accept.
    What about the 24-hour noticing madness? Every single time you change your place of accommodation for even 1 night, you are ordered to report to immigration in that location, when in many cases that immigration is tens, if not hundreds, of kilometers fomr the accommodation place. And then back after you return form that 1 night stand.
    The land ownership restrictions is a joke: A person who has invested all his/her life in the country, STILL cannot own the small piece of land under his house. From the xenophobia, that maybe he will one day transport it away in plastic bags???
    And when you are forced to use a company to own that land, in that company you need unknown shareholders in the majority; because this “land of smiles” does not allow foreigners to own such company.
    And when you go to any tourist attraction, national park, museum, etc: You pay 10-100-folded ticket price because you are “wrong race”…
    There is democracy, there is no freedom of speech (watch this space as a proof of that…;-), you are not allowed to participate in ANY activity that can be considered “work” even how much you would liket ot use your freetime for good purposes, there are huge number of lunatic laws protecting monarchy and religios madnesses, Thai police force is a joke that does not help you if in need, the corruption of the immigration, moral values are non-existent (telling the truth, sending ones daughters into prostitution, protecting your owns from legal cases,) ETC.

    This country is FAR from being the “best” place to retire!

  5. The one thing you did not mention was medical issues. Thailand has some excellent hospitals and dentists but without insurance they can be very, very expensive for anything serious. Health insurance for anyone over 70 is not easy and where it is available is extremely expensive.

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