‘Work the Nordic Way’ Vietnam

At the beginning of June 2022 Nordcham welcomed around 300 participants to their Work The Nordic Way 2022 HCMC, at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

The agenda explored different aspects of Diversity and Inclusion, while attendees were fully engaged with the opening speeches from H.E Ms. Ann Måwe, the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E Ms. Grete Løchen, the Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam, and the inspiring keynote speech with lots of fun, creativity from LEGO Vietnam.

The interaction between the Nordic companies and potential employees was enhanced by 5 rotating workshops with Esoft Vietnam, Tetra Pak Vietnam, IKEA, Home Credit, and Novo Nordisk Vietnam, together with 30+ other companies during the job fair.

According to Nordcham Vietnam’s website, they believe that businesses will thrive stronger than ever post-covid. They mentioned how pleased they are to build a bridge between Nordic companies and talented human resources.

Nordcham members highlighted the need for elevating and communicating the strong Nordic employer brand in Vietnam and ‘Work the Nordic Way’ day that to the table with speakers and companies highlighting the key traits of Nordic culture and work ethics. Together with the four Nordic Alumni Associations, which consist of Vietnamese who have studied in the Nordic countries, they have create a platform for connections and potential employment and business opportunities between Nordic companies and Vietnamese with strong bonds to the Nordic community, their press release said.

There are many excellent examples of how Nordic countries and companies represent these in all aspects of life; society, economy, people, and resources, such as:

• Free movement for work between countries and close collaboration on legislation that fosters sustainable growth and collaboration for business
• Welfare models; closing social gaps, reducing poverty, providing same fair opportunities for all, distribution of national income
• Business and leadership values; creativity, openness, transparency, trust, compassion, and equality

With so many good lessons to learn from Nordic countries, they embrace common values that unite both Nordic people and Vietnamese as they value each other’s differences regarding business as well as in society.

Source: Nordcham Vietnam

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