Young Swede killed in tragic crash in Rayong

On September 22, police received a report from Phutasart rescue about an accident on highway number 3145 which resulted in death of a young Swede named Mr. Jhon Olov Eddie Viding, 25, son of  the Swedish businessman who owns Grand Silver Sea House on Mae Pim beach in Rayong.

Following the report, police and the rescue team arrived at the accident scene on Mae Pim – Ban Pae km21 road. The headless body of Jhon was found in the forest wearing jeans with black t-shirt and black leather jacket. His head was later found 10 metres away from the body.

A TATA pickup truck with a plate number บว 7766 Rayong and a white Ducati motorbike, 650cc, plate number อทษ 178, were also found at the scene of the accident. Both vehicles were damaged. Next to the pickup truck was the driver Ms. Chanat Suwannachote, 58, a resident of Rayong.

A witness claimed he saw the motorbike reaching the five-lane curve in high speed and losing control. At the same time, the pickup truck turned up on the other side of the road causing the fatal crash.  Jhon was on his way to Ban Pae to join the CBR big bike event.




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  1. The traffic in Thailand kills more people than anything else. When will there be a change?? There is so much to do.
    28 000+ is the last number I have hear. And that is only the ones who are killed on the road. More or less instantly. They who are dying in the ambulance or hospitals later are not in that statistic. Maybe information to the tourist would make many of them to choose another countries. That would for sure be a catalyser for the government to start the work. Less income for Thailand and all the deep pockets would be the best. Hit the wallet..

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