Meet the new Swedish Ambassador to Singapore

The Swedish government has appointed Håkan Jevrell as new Ambassador to Singapore.

In this video posted on the Embassy’s Facebook-page you can hear Håkan Jevrell tell about his way to the embassy and his expectations to his stay.

Watch it here

According to the Embassy’s website Mr Jevrell’s previous positions have included Districh Prosecutor at Västerort local public prosecution office in Stockholm, deputy head of coordination at the Prime Minister s Office coordination office and State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence between 2007 and 2012.
His way is probably not the most usual way to an ambassador position, he tells in the video.

“It is not the ordinary Swedish diplomatic way of becoming the ambassador. I used to be a prosecutor, and then things gotten into politics,” Håkan Jevrell tells.

Håkan Jevrell is the new Swedish Ambassador to Singapore.

He also tells that his impression of Singapore so far is great and he already noticed the weather to be “a bit warmer than in Sweden”. He adds:

“It is great to be here(…) I like when thing happens and it truly does in Singapore.”

Related to the Embassy’s work in Singapore, he tells that it will continue the good and solid work the Embassy is already providing and also strengthen the countries’ mutual interests.


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