A Successful Charity Party for the Baan Jing Jai Orphanage

Around 250 people participated in the successful Baan Jing Jai Charity Party for children in need. The Charity Party was held on Saturday 18 February in the beautiful garden courtyard to the recently completed VN Residence 2, located in Soi 5 – Phratamnak Pattaya. According to the building committee who arranged the event, the Charity Party has turned out to be one of Pattaya’s so far most important charitable event of 2012.

The building committee and volunteers’ motto: “We have a dream” was the driving force in fostering cooperation and dedication on the big fundraiser.  The fundraiser was held to build a new home for the children of the Baan Jing Jai Orphanage, whose current living conditions are overcrowded.
All participants paid an entrance fee of 750 BHT, which went directly to building the new home.

Participants enjoyed delicious food and beverages kindly provided by Linda’s Restaurant Co., Ltd. The evening’s program was followed by entertainment from Norwegian artists, such as Rune Larsen and Sputnik and Vivian. Not everyone was able to restrain their dancing feet.  But the highlight of the evening was the powerful and moving performance given by the children themselves.

By the end of the evening the Baan Jing Jai Charity Party was able to raise 340.000 BHT.
There was also a charity lottery which had first class prizes including a large flat screen and expensive bikes.  The lucky winners immediately donated their prizes to the orphanage. An antique was auctioned and brought in 10.000 BHT after an initial bid of 1000 BHT.

Piangta Chumnoi, the orphanage manager, gave a warm and heartfelt thanks to all involved. Tears could not hold back, but it was obvious they were tears of joy.
”The new building project is well underway. The land of 3.5 acres is already bought and paid for. The new house will have space for 40 girls and 40 boys. In addition it will have a separate section for babies,“ says Gudmund Eiksund from the Norwegian Properties Group.

Gudmund Eiksund answered a question about what will happen to the eldest children as they approach the age of majority. “No one is asked to move out. The orphanage will assist in helping these children to get a vocational training if needed.”


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