A Swedish Film at European Film Festival 2012 in Vietnam

Inaugurated by Deputy Minister Head of Mission in Vietnam Ms. Marie Ottosson, the first Swedish film ‘Easy Money’ was on screen at the European Film Festival 2012 at the National Cinema Center in Hanoi on May 26.

First held in 2000 by the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam together with the Embassies o EU Member States, the European Film Festival is recognized as one of the most successful multi-cultural events in Vietnam.

Easy Money was well received by a number of Vietnamese attending the festival. Ms. Ottosson was also speaking with audience how both book and film ‘Easy Money’ have been popular in Sweden, though it doesn’t represent the true picture of Sweden but the modern Swedish film industry.

Casted by Joel Kinnaman, Matias Padin Varela and Dragomir Mrsic with Daniel Espinosa as the Director and Fredrik Wikström as the Producer, the film is based on the best-selling book by Jens Lapidus, which right has been sold to over 20 countries worldwide.

Released in mid-January 2010 in Sweden, the film has reached 430,000 admissions after 3 weeks of screening. It has become one of the biggest hits of the last decade in Sweden.

Ms. Ottosson shared that books and films about police and crimes have become more popular in Sweden. Swedish authors of this genre have made their names outside Sweden for many years. The examples are author Henning Mankell whose books have been translated in Vietnamese and author Stieg Larsson whose book and film ‘The Girl with a Dragon tattoo’ have become a big hit worldwide. 

She also said to Vietnamese audience that Sweden is known as a big exporter of music and entertainment books.

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