Finnish Volunteer Program extends operations to Cambodia

     The Finnish Volunteer Program has expanded its operations to include Cambodia. Within Asia the program has formerly located Finnish volunteer workers to India, Nepal, Malaysia and Thailand. The initiative for the expansion was driven by the NGO, Children of Cambodia, which has been given funding from the Finnish Foreign Ministry.
     The Finnish volunteer workers will be situated in an orphanage in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Named the Nutrition Center, the orphanage gives home to more than 100 girls and boys, of which half are mentally disabled and a third HIV positive.
     The Finnish Volunteer Program is a joint venture of five Finnish NGOs: Finnish Youth Co-operation (Allianssi), Service Centre for Development Co-operation (Kepa), International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE Finland), Finnish Branch of Service Civil International (KVT) and Finnish Tinku Association. Annually the program sends approximately 60 Finnish volunteer workers to local organizations in India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Zambia, Tanzania, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru for periods of 4-12 months.

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