Tragic Teenage Love Drama News Stirs Local Social Media

Following the tragic murder news of the teenage love drama, the Thai Media warns news readers not to believe in all of the information propagated on various social media as many of them might not be true and that it’s not fair to the victim who can’t speak to defend his case.

The murder news has stirred a lot of responses in the local social media such as where many readers give their comments, speculations and information without factual evidence. It also reflects on the work of Thai police in solving the case as it seems that many social media readers question the police’s work and Thailand’s justice system as many times in the past the ones to blame were those unspeakable victims.

Associate Professor Decha Sangkawan, Director of Development of Criminal Justice Centre – Faculty of Social Administration, shares his opinion that detective work of Thai police is weak comparing with the international standard and that it’s common that unspeakable victims were to blame in many cases.  He also says that it’s also important that the media share ethics in reporting news as it might affect the verdict of the case.

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