Rita Marhaug at Beijing Performance Art Festival

Norwegian visual artist, Rita Marhaug, will be presenting her performance series Norwegian Liquid at two different performance festivals in Beijing starting late August right up to early September 2012.

Armed to the teeth with oil, milk, bath tubs, ocean views, people, and black and white clothes she tackles the topic of personal, and national identity.

Rita Marhaug’s performance exhibition visit to Beijing in 2012 will be short and busy.

First up at the performance festival Beijing Live 2012 was Love and Pain which took place from 23 to 25 August. She participated as one out of ten international artist, along with ten more from China. The exhibition was co-curated by Chinese curator He Chengyao and American curator Nisa Ojalvo.

Taking the next act, Norwegian Liquid will move to the Open International Performance Art Festival which opens on 30 August and runs until 3 September 2012.

This festival has been running regularly in Beijing since the year 2000, and other Norwegian artists have enjoyed participating here in the past.

Zhu Ming, one of the initiators behind the Open International Performance Art Festival, recently visited Marhaug’s hometown Bergen where he attended the performance art festival Meeting Point.

Marhaug lives and works in Bergen, Norway, where she also teaches at the Bergen College of Art and Design.

In addition to her performance production, which is known for being concrete and straight to the point yet with a clear poetic dimension, she is also skilled in other media such as drawing and photography.

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