Swedish Members of Parliament visited Singapore

A delegation of 11 Swedish Members of the Parliament (MP) from the Transport and Communication Committee recently visited Singapore to learn about the management and promotion of the country’s public transport and green approach.

The visit served as platform to meet with representatives from Singaporean agencies to learn about different measures taken in Singapore, such as the management and promotion of public transport and the use of financial instruments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

The Swedish delegation visited the Ministry of Transport where they had the opportunity to meet and have interesting discussions with the Permanent Secretary of Transport. Their program also consisted of meetings with the Land Transport Authority and the Maritime Port Authority. The Swedish MPs also received a guided tour of the port of Singapore, the second largest container port in the world.

The Swedish Ambassador Ingemar Dolfe held a briefing for the delegation at the Embassy. The visit ended with a dinner, hosted by the Ambassador, at the Swedish Residence where the MPs met with invited representatives from the Swedish Business Community in Singapore.

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