Finnish Embassy in Thailand granted funds for local cooperation

Embassy of Finland has granted funds to six local organisations total of 188 000 euros to help develop the projects concerning human rights advocacy and peace and reconciliation processes.

Fund for local cooperation (FLC) is a mean for diplomatic missions carrying out development cooperation to promote activities of local civil society, stated in a press release. 

Eligible partners for FLC are for example local non-governmental organisations, universities and other educational and research institutions, independent media, foundations and religious communities.

This year, altogether 23 interesting project proposals from Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar were sent to the Embassy but only 6 proposals were selected. Most of the projects being granted are responded by the current strategy of funds for local cooperation (FLC).

The programme supports two projects in each country.

Following organizations and projects received support:
1. Local Development Institute LDI: Quality of Life Improvement for Women in Pattani Province of Southern Thailand through Gender Empowerment, Access Rights and Peace Building Process, 40 000 €

This project aims to improve women’s rights and quality of life in Pattani province by enhancing basic services, improving economic opportunities and taking women actively into peace building process.

2. Analyzing Development Issues Centre ADIC: Mobilizing indigenous people through participatory action research (PAR) to increase their access and control over natural resources in Ratanakiri province, Cambodia, 42 000 €

In Ratanakiri Province land encroachment poses a serious threat to indigenous access and control over natural resources and indigenous rights to self-determination and subsistence. ADIC aims to mobilize indigenous people to increase their access and control over natural resources by building capacity of indigenous communities and raising awareness on their rights.

3. Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS): Capturing Peace: Supporting Myanmar’s peace process through documentation, reflection and peace theory extraction, 19 000 €

The overall objective of this project is to support the peace process in Myanmar through reflection and documentation, comparing it to existing peace theory and the emergence of new models in Myanmar home grown peace process.

4. Center for Conflict Studies and Cultural Diversity (CSCD): Promoting an environment for conflict transformation in the Deep South of Thailand: Develop and Consolidate an Inclusive and Effective Platform of Insider Peace builders, 45 000 €

The objective of CSCD project is to establish an inclusive platform of insider peace builders for the Deep South of Thailand, who work effectively on the transformation of the conflict from inside the country.

5. Shwe Minn Tha Foundation: Strengthening community rehabilitation Activities for People with Disabilities, 19 000 €

This project aims to improve the quality of life for People with disabilities (PWDs) by raising their empowerment and socio-economic status.

6. Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs’ Association (CWEA): Women Entrepreneurship Development, 23 000 €

The objective of this project is to enable women entrepreneurs to effectively manage their business through innovative business training courses. The project promotes gender equality so that women gain confidence and knowledge enabling their effective participation in economic development.

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