Kerstin Lundin’s Art Exhibition at The Art Loft

Swedish painter Kerstin Lundin will present her paintings at The Art Loft, Singapore between June 8th – July 31st.
     “Female Impressions” is the first international debut of Kerstin Lundin. The show comprises thirty nine collages, oil on canvas which is created from year 2000 to present.
     Kerstin uses a special collage technique when she develops her paintings. The underlying structures – which can be different kinds of paper, textiles and/or other objects – decide the final result.
     Her life as a woman, mother, wife and professional designer has inspired her artworks immensely. The special day and night light of Scandinavia as well as Swedish poetry have had a significant influence. The paintings express playfulness, zest for life and joy.
     Kerstin Lundin, 1947, imparts a style that leans towards the contemporary revealing original techniques. The artist uses collage techniques that give life of its own to the canvas. The paintings express playfulness, “joie de vivre” without forgetting the mystique of life.

     Contact or The Art Loft, 249 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159935 for more information.

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