Swedish Tsunami Memorial Film

Swedish film maker Folke Rydn, together with 13 Thai and foreign directors, will produce a short film which is inspired by the catastrophic Tsunami that affects the south of Thailand in December 2004. The premiere will show in the 3rd World Film Festival of Bangkok being held between 15th-24th October.
     The short film festival is part of the art activities named “The Cultural Project to Promote and Revive Tourism along the Andaman Coast”.
     The activities comprise varieties of arts sculptures, installations and paintings and short films. One of the highlights will be a display of artworks from Thai and international artists along Phuket’s two-kilometre-long Patong Beach in September.
     The project was held by Thai’s Culture Ministry to ease the sorrow affected of the tsunami disaster. The events will take place across the six southern provinces as well as in Bangkok.
     Artists from Norway and Denmark have also been invited to display their works along with the local and foreign artists.

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