Norway-Asia 2005

November 10 and 11 the 8th Norway-Asia Business Conference will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. It is arranged by Norwegian Business Association Singapore (NBAS) and according to the president of NBAS, Erik Borgen, the conference provides a nice opportunity to get updated on the political and economical development in both Asia and Norway.
         “The conference can give companies and organizations in Norway answers to some of the questions they might have, if they are doing business in Asia. At the same time a lot of Norwegians living in Asia still have a foot back home and they can be updated on what is going on in Norway,” Erik Borgen says.
         “Actually it will be more the latter, as more people from Singapore than Norway will be attending the conference. We hope to get a state secretary to come and tell us which business policies the new government in Norway is going to impose. Top executives from banking and reputed consulting firms will talk about how Norway can compete and how Norwegian Industry will develop,” he adds.
         The conference will also provide information on how to do business in Indonesia, China and India, and focus on the rivalry between China and India. 
         Besides informing of the developments in Norway and Asia, the conference focuses on certain fields of businesses. This year shipping and oil/gas. According to Erik Borgen, because most of Norwegian business in Asia is in one way or another related to those fields.
         “An executive from Statoil will be speaking about the global oil reserves. Where is it possible to develop more oil? And we intended to ask the question: $100 oil, will it be a reality? Due to recent developments we have had to change that to: $100 oil, when will it be a reality?,” Erik Borgen laughs.
         According to Erik Borgen business in Asia is exploding and certainly shipping is being no exception.
         “A lot of Norwegian shipping has been moved abroad. Singapore is a very attractive place to set up a shop and it is not just a tax issue. Singapore is a very convenient place to operate from. Today the shipping markets are sky high. The managing partner of R.S. Platou Group will be telling us where the shipping markets are going from here,” Erik Borgen tells.
         Approximately 100 persons representing 80 companies and organizations attended the Norway-Asia Business Conference in 2003.

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