Thai Coins to be Minted in Finland

Mint of Finland, the Finnish coin production company signed contract with the Thai Treasury Department to produce and deliver 670 million pieces of one (1) Baht coins to Thailand.
         The delivery will begin in December 2005 and will be finalized in fall 2006.
         The value of the deal was not disclosed. 
         The contract is a great follow-up on the contract 2003 – 2004 with Vietnam to deliver one billion coins.
         “The signed contract is the second-largest export contract in Mint of Finland’s history. It will further strengthen our position at the Asian market and following the Vietnam contract, it shows that the confidence in Finnish Minting expertise is strong in Asia, said in the statement Raimo Makkonen, the chief executive of the Mint.
         Mint of Finland has been active on the Asian market already for years, and manufactured circulation- and collector coins to e.g. the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 
         The Thai 10 Baht bi-metallic coins was the first coin exported to Thailand some 10 years ago. The one Baht coin that is manufactured now, is the most popular coin among the 65 million Thai.

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