More Danes are Buying Houses in Thailand

Thailand is the most preferred destination among the Danes, when it comes to overseas vacation during the winter season. Each year more than 40,000 Danes seek out the exotic Thai coastlines to enjoy the warm weather, to go shopping, and to eat the local cuisine. But recently, a new sport has arrived – property hunting.

More and more Danes are buying luxury properties in Thailand – especially along the Tsunami-free Golf Coast. In Hua Hin alone, real-estate brokers estimate that two to three Scandinavians buy a house there every week. Luxurious houses, which would cost several million DKK in Denmark, are sold at much lower prices in this area.

“A dream house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two large living rooms, and a swimming pool. That sounds like a dream to most Danes, but in Thailand the dream can come true for less than the expense of a small summer house in Denmark,” consultant Niels Seeberg told Berlingske Tidende this weekend. Mr. Seeberg works for the real estate agency, which has set up an office in Hua Hin and has specialized in assisting Danish house-buyers in the area.

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