Maersk Appoints New Manager In Thailand

From the first of March, Maersk Line will have a new man in charge of operations in Thailand, as Dane Søren P. Jensen takes over from outgoing Dane, Michel Deleuran.
     Jensen comes from a similar position as country manager in Indonesia, where he has been stationed two years. 
     The new Thai country manager didn’t have to think long before he went for the job he will hold based at Maersk’s local headquarters in Empire Tower in Bangkok.
     “Thailand is a fantastic place for Maersk and there is a huge potential – and it doesn’t subtract any points either that Thailand is a good place to for the family too,” says Jensen, who has a wife and two small children.
     Michel Deleuran is moving from the office in Bangkok to another Maersk office in Tokyo, where he was offered the position as regional manager of North East Asia. He too was happy to accept having spent 14 years in South Asia and wanted to see new horizons, he says.
     “It is also a great challenge to take on such a job.”
     Maersk divides its worldwide operations into five key regions, one of which is North East Asia. Regional managers have the responsibility for all countries within their particular region.

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