Fire Destroys Ecco Factory in Thailand: No Casualties

One of Ecco’s five factories in Thailand was levelled by fire Saturday but none of the approximately 30 employees on duty at the time of the fire were hurt. An estimated 400,000 pairs of shoes, valuable production equipment and the entire factory building was burned down with total damage estimated at more than 200 million DKK.
The alarms in the factory, located near Thailand’s old royal city of Ayutthaya, an hour’s drive north of the capitol Bangkok, went off at about 5.30 am Saturday morning and it took the local fire department nearly four hours to put out the fire. Police have interrogated security personnel and some of the employees, but it is still unclear what caused the fire.
Ecco have temporarily closed down their four other factories in Thailand.
The Danish shoe-production company has been in Thailand since 1994 and employs more than 2,600 people there. Ecco’s annual turn-over is approximately half a billion DKK.

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