The Embassy of Denmark to Be Ready for Business Growth in Vietnam

The Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam is preparing for an expansion in commercial activities between the two countries. As of January 1, 2007 it will expand its commercial department in order to serve Danish and Vietnamese investors.
“The Embassy is witnessing and increasing interest for the Vietnamese market among Danish companies. WTO membership will only contribute to making Vietnam more interesting for Danish companies,” stated the Ambassador on the official website of the Danish Embassy in Vietnam.
The statement was made after the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Peter Lysholt Hansen expressed his congratulations to the Vietnamese government and people on the accession of Vietnam’s integration as the 150th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
“Denmark has been a staunch supporter of Vietnamese WTO membership and has worked together with the Vietnamese Government as well as EU partners to bring about this important further step down the road towards Vietnam’s full integration into the global economy,” the Danish Ambassador approached warm welcome for the WTO accession of Vietnam.
“I believe that WTO membership will bring challenges as well as big opportunities to the Vietnamese economy and companies. Preparing for WTO membership has brought many significant improvements to the business climate in Vietnam, not least for foreign companies and investors. I am convinced that the Vietnamese Government will seize the opportunity to further level the playing field and improve transparency and predictability for all investors,” he added.
The formal approval of Vietnam’s accession was made by the WTO General Council in Geneva on November 07 and it was followed by ovations from WTO members welcoming Vietnam as its new permanent member. This important event was live broadcasted on national television in Vietnam.

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