Danish Taxi Driver Took Home 250.000 DKK

For the modest sum of five USD, 41 year-old Henrik Dahlgaard secured his seat in Betfair’s Asian Poker Tour held in Singapore this week. Friday, his adventure came to an end, as he was knocked out at the final table, finishing in 8th place in the overall tournament. This earned him 250.000 DKK, which he can now add to his taxi driver’s salary in Denmark.
     Henrik Dahlgaard entered the final table with the fewest chips, yet by folding several hands he was able to crawl up a few spots in the final standings.
     “It wasn’t my strategy to fold all the way through, but since I wanted to move up a little further on the prize list, I didn’t want to go all-in with just any hand. At some point, I even folded an ace, queen hoping that someone else would go out before me,” Henrik Dahlgaard tells the Danish poker magazine Ace.
     Even though the last four days in Singapore has been all about the poker for Henrik Dahlgaard, the 41 year-old Danish taxi driver has not planned to play the tourist in the last few days before he leaves.
     “The only thing I’ve seen out here is Burger King and 7-11 around the corner, and now I think I’ll settle for a few sit&go’s,” he adds.

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