One of Europe’s fastest growing premium beers, Tuborg Green finally hits Singapore

Local consumers will be the first in Asia to ‘pull’ open (yes, you read right, pull) the bottle and take a swig of Tuborg Green as Singapore is the first market in the region to have the Tuborg hit the shelves. Tuborg Beer, otherwise known as “Turborg Green” is the fastest-growing brand within the Carlsberg-owned family tree of brands. According to Mr Hans Hallan, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore, the Tuborg beer is one of the most popular beer in the Carlsberg portfolio, one that is consistently ranked amongst the world’s top 10 international beer brands and exceeding the average growth rate in the global beer market.

“Apart from offering Singapore consumers a wider choice in beers, we believe Tuborg Green will strongly complement existing portfolio of beers.” says Mr Hallan, “Its lighter taste and ‘younger’ brand positioning will allow Carlsberg to effectively penetrate a new marketing space for the contemporary and hip crowd.”

Tuborg Green is already the undisputed market leader in the premium beer segment in several Eastern European countries and together with the Nordic region, Eastern Europe accounts for 84% of total Tuborg sales volume. It is in fact, the fastest-growing region for beer sales in Europe.

Beyond Europe, Tuborg is increasingly becoming an international brand with impressive sales volume outside of its domestic market; more than half of Tuborg beer is consumed outside of Denmark in 120 countries around the word.

Internationally, Tuborg Green is positioned as premium, young and innovation-driven. Favouring the Tuborg beer’s portrayal as the ‘catalyst’ of fun,  Carlsberg intends to launch the Tuborg Green with aims to strengthen its leadership position in the local premium beer segment, targeting the younger, fun-loving crowd aged from 18 to 29 years old through a pretty nifty innovation, a pull-off cap.

The simple but ingenious pull-off cap has proven to be instrumental in the beer’s success in Europe amongst the younger, contemporary crowd. Mr Hallan adds that given how well-received the pull-off cap was in Europe, he hopes that they will be able to replicate the success in Singapore.

Aside from the “young and hip” attitude the brand carries, Tuborg Green also has an established and influential brand platform in music. The brand sponsors some of the biggest live music festivals in Northern and Eastern Europe such as the Roskilde and Exit festivals.

When asked how the Europeans in Singapore would feel about Tuborg being finally launched in Asia, Mr Hallan replied, “I am confident that this premium pilsner will be very well-received by discerning drinkers in Singapore, be they local or European because apart from the premium quality of Tuborg Green, which most Europeans are very familiar with, its light, refreshing taste is highly suitable for Singapore’s tropical climate.”

An exclusive ‘Tuborg Green’ launch party was held at dbl 0 on 15 December based on the theme “We Want to Put You behind Bars”, the party was an extension to an extensive print and outdoor advertising campaign done by Carlsberg. The Turborg Green Ad campaign comprised of outdoor sites, above- and below-the-line advertising and interactive marketing.

Tuborg is currently available at participating supermarkets and hyper-marts in 330-ml bottles and 4-bottle cluster packs, priced at S$3.70 and S$14.40 respectively while the 330ml bottles are sold at S$12.00 at entertainment outlets.

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