Danish Embassy Helped Mediplantex to Obtain GMP Certificate

With support from the Danish embassy, the Vietnamese pharmaceutical Mediplantex has obtained the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate that meets the standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) to sell products to the world market.
With the target of having a factory with international standard, Mediplantex had to face with challenges such as high requirements of capital and technology. But with the support from the Danish Embassy, in cooperating with Eurocare and Dansk Famaceutisk Industri, and with the great effort of the management as well as the employees, the company has now received the GMP Certificate from the Vietnam Drug Administration Agency. The certificate means the company meets the GMP as set by the World Health Organization, thus it opens a path for Mediplantex products to penetrate into the world market.
Under B2B support, three companies – the Vietnamese Mediplantex and the two Danish companies Dansk Famaceutisk Industri and Eurocare Danmark – have in 2006 joined forces in a Joint Venture. The aim is to establish an artemisinin-based malaria medicine production including the improvement of working environment of Mediplantex’s three exaction factories.

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